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Introducing the Yeti compress

Ideal for hike ’n fly use with lightweight gliders, the Concertina Compress Bag is a lightweight fast packing bag that combines easy packing with good compression for easier carrying.

Riser holder

The simple riser holder keeps everything neat and secure. Besides, it’s simple to insert the risers.

More folding points

The Yeti compress bag has an extra folding point to suit the packed volume and chordwise shape of typical ultra light wings and small backpacks.

Ultralight materials

The main body of the bag is made from Porcher Skytex 27g for its low weight and packing volume, with Cousin Mylar reinforcements used at strategic points.

The perfect partner

We designed the Yeti compress bag along with the X-Lite 40L, an ultralight yet full-featured rucksack designed specifically for mountain wings such as our Yeti. The size and shape of the Yeti compress bag perfectly matches the size and the shape of the X-lite 40L, guaranteeing you the most efficient packing system possible.

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