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The Yeti 6 is all about discovery. Whether you’re a recent pilot just discovering the joys of flight or a more experienced adventurer on a trip to a new playground, the Yeti 6 has you covered.

The Yeti 6 is suitable for all levels of pilot, depending on the chosen wing loading. It is most suited for hike ‘n fly and at lower wing loadings, schooling and even thermal flying. At high wing loadings, the Yeti 6 becomes a bundle of dynamic fun.

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Designer Gin Seok Song explains the philosophy of the Yeti 6

The Yeti 6 incorporates all our learning from the Yeti 5 and Bolero 7.

Our priority was to combine the climbing performance and all-round ease and stability of the Bolero 7, whilst also retaining the low packing volume and weight of the Yeti 5. The result is basically a wing that is simple to launch and climbs with a flat, efficient turn. At the same time, it offers more performance than its predecessor whilst being also less demanding to fly.

We feel this is a significant step forward that will appeal to a wide range of mountain pilots.


21 (75-95)kg, 23 (90-105)kg, 25 (100-115)kg, 27 (110-125)kg


Red, Lemon, Turquoise

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