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Grows with your skills.

Anyone who starts paragliding needs a very special wing: a glider that is particularly easy to handle and gives you a lot of confidence from the first moment. The MESCAL6 is just such a glider – and thanks to our revolutionary “AGILITY SYSTEM” it is also the first glider that grows with the skill of the pilot. This system allows you to adjust the brake line geometry individually to the pilot’s wishes in just a few simple steps, allowing you to refine your feeling for the paraglider and increase it step by step.


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But our new entry-level glider inspires not only with its adaptive handling. Student pilots, weekend and leisure pilots get a glider that is completely stress-free from pre-launch preparations to after-landing packing. The MESCAL6 comes equipped with all the latest technologies, placing you at the cutting-edge right from the start!


XXS(50 – 75)kg, XS(65 – 85)kg, S(75 – 95)kg, M(85 – 110)kg, L(95 – 135)kg


Sunny Orange, Strawberry Red, Lily Lime

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