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The Genie Race 5 is designed to offer the highest levels of performance, whilst giving you an edge through its superior comfort and ergonomics.

It is the result of a period of intensive development in the GIN LAB wind tunnel and of racing the prototypes worldwide.

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GIN harness designer Ho Woong offers insights on the development of the Genie Race 5

“The goal with the Genie Race 5 was to reach the top level of performance of a fully enclosed harness whilst making the harness easier to use in flight. By using a fabric with more structure, and introducing plastic reinforcements in strategic places, we were able to keep an external profile that’s beneficial for performance as a result of its simple, clean shape and resistance to fluttering and flapping.

Pilot ergonomics are an important factor in comfort and ultimately, performance. So we made everything as easy to use as possible: the cockpit, the system of opening and closing, the trimming. As a result, besides competitors, the harness is also great for the most competitive XC pilots.”


XS ( >160)cm, S (160-175)cm, M (170-185)cm, L (180-190)cm

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