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The Calypso 2 is your passport to a world of adventure, ready to discover new places and routes — both on the ground and in the air.

The Calypso 2 is a true lightweight design, aimed to perfectly match the needs of leisure and progressing pilots who like to travel, hike and even do some XC.

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Designer Gin Seok Song explains the development process of the Calypso 2:

“For the Calypso 2 we worked a lot on the internal construction in order to improve the flying characteristics without increasing the weight. We found the Rigifoil mini on the leading edge works really well on this airfoil and has benefits in many areas such as inflation, stability, handling and performance.

This makes the take off really easy. The canopy comes up progressively with minimal effort and no shooting. It’s no problem to get airborne even in tight spots.

We chose sheathed lines to minimise drag and weight yet provide easy handling, dimensional stability and durability

For the canopy fabric, we chose a well proven mix of 34g, 32g and 27g Porcher fabric to provide durability and rigidity where needed and to minimise the weight in less critical areas.”


XXS (55-75)kg, XS (65-85)kg, S (75-95)kg, M (85-105)kg, L (95-115)kg


Lemon, Sangria, Orange

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