Paragliding at Shar Mountains National Park, North Macedonia

The relief of Sar Mountain is varied, mainly due to its geological diversity. The mountains are characterized by a large number of peaks with an altitude of more than 2000 meters. The glacial and fluvial relief has created an area characterized by a high density of valleys and gorges, short valleys cut into limestone, quartzite and granitoid rock.

The geological structure of Sar Mountain is dominated by Paleozoic metamorphic rocks with a low degree of resistance, which also affected the relief features of this mountain. In some places, metamorphites (quartzites, marbles) can be observed that appear in the relief itself (eg Leshnica). Elsewhere there are outcrops of harder granitoid rocks. Carbonate rocks occur on about 11% of the mountain’s surface and are affected by karstification.

In terms of morphometric characteristics, the mountain stretches for a length of 75 km, at an altitude between 470 meters in Polog Valley and 2747 meters on Titov Vrv peak, mainly in a northeast-south-southwest-south direction.

One of the main morphological elements of Sar Mountain is the developed fluvial relief. There are many V-shaped valleys formed by intense vertical incision and there are numerous gorges, some with short canyon segments cut into very solid rocks (limestones, quartzites, granitoids). Some valleys have a fluvio-glacial character. Due to the large height difference between the mountains to the Polog Valley, the longitudinal fall of the rivers is significant, creating rivers characterized by numerous rapids and waterfalls. So far, the entrances of about 10 caves and several sinkholes have been recorded, mainly in the limestones of the Pena Valley.

Take OFF Altitude:

1654 m/asl

Landing Zone Altitude:

450 m/asl

Wind Directions:


  • Road Type:Asphalt Road - All Type of Vehicles

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Paragliding in Macedonia

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Paragliding in Macedonia

Republic of Macedonia is one of the most attractive paragliding sites in the world. Untouched land, food that is remembered and pleasant accommodation for the pilots. Fascinating mountains with several peaks over 2,500 metres and large valleys around, with regular roads to every grassland for take off. Macedonia is an ideal choice for lovers of more extreme sports, thirsty for adventure and a lot of adrenaline.


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