Paragliding at Ribnik Hill, North Macedonia

This Hill is positioned in the North West part of Pellagonija Valley. 

It allows flying on all type of wind directions. It is a school hill, but also it delivers great soaring sessions.

Take OFF Altitude:

766 m/asl

Landing Altitude:

615 m/asl

Wind Directions:


  • Road Type:Asphalt Road to the Landing 1 and 2 - All Type of Vehicles

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Paragliding in Macedonia

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Paragliding in Macedonia

Republic of Macedonia is one of the most attractive paragliding sites in the world. Untouched land, food that is remembered and pleasant accommodation for the pilots. Fascinating mountains with several peaks over 2,500 metres and large valleys around, with regular roads to every grassland for take off. Macedonia is an ideal choice for lovers of more extreme sports, thirsty for adventure and a lot of adrenaline.


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